Frequently Asked Questions


What are your jackets made of? 
Varsity Apparel take pride in the quality of our jackets and thus all of our jackets are made from scratch incorporating only the finest quality wool, leather and chenille materials available.


Can you supply jackets throughout Australia?
Varsity Apparel can and has supplied jackets throughout Australia.


Do you supply discounts to bulk purchases of jackets like schools and sporting groups? 
We supply significant discounts to bulk purchases of jackets. Contact us at for further details.     


What other groups have been supplied Jackets? 
As mentioned we have provided jackets to a number of sporting groups and year 12 leavers. Photos of some of the groups are included in our schools & teams section.


What is the turn around time from initial order? 
Individual jackets and group orders are both supplied within 6-8 weeks of ordering.


What is the payment process for group orders?
We require a 50% deposit for group orders with the balance payable upon receipt of the jackets.


Can you arrange samples? 
Yes, we can provide samples to groups. Contact us at


Do you allow custom made patches to be incorporated into the jackets?
Yes, a number of schools and sporting clubs have chosen to incorporate custom made patches into their jackets rather than the standard lettering. Please contact us at for further details.


How many letters for chest embroidery/back lettering?
We allow up to 12 letters for both chest embroidery and back lettering on a standard jacket however we can accommodate more in special cases.


Are their any shipping costs?
All prices include shipping costs throughout Australia.


What if my jacket does not fit?
Each jacket is custom made to the customers specification and as such we cannot replace jackets or accept returns. As a result, we recommend reading our sizing section prior to purchase. Please contact us at for further details.


Does my jacket require special care?
Yes, we recommend you dry-clean your jacket. You should not traditionally wash your jacket or use an iron on it.


Is my on-line credit card transaction safe?
Yes, customer security is a priority and we can assure you that the on-line credit card transaction is safe.


Which credit cards do you accept for payment?
We accept Visa and Mastercards.


I have additional questions, how can I reach you?
The Varsity team can be contacted at


Do you have a minimum order requirement?
No, we can provide individual orders. However we do offer substantial discounts for group orders.